Are you a girl or a boy?
It doesn’t matter! All gender identities are welcomed at Queer Scouts, an inclusive scouting experience for kids of all ages. All over the world, children are denied the joys of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts because of their gender identity. Many people feel like they don’t fit into a rigidly-gendered scouting system. With Queer Scouts, we can abolish that system and create a world where scouting is for everyone!

About Queer Scouts:

The Queer Scouts Mottos:
“Always Be Prepared”
“Always Be Yourself”
“Fight Like Hell For What Is Good”

The Queer Scouts Promise:
On my honor, I will do my best to live in accordance with my values and with my identity, to live by the Queer Scout Law, and to help people at all times.

The Queer Scout Law:
I will uphold the name of Queer Scouting by striving to be:
respectful of myself and others,
accepting of those who seem different,
responsible for my words and actions,
kind and empathetic,
brave and loyal,
working towards a better world
as a sibling to every Queer Scout.


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