What do Queer Scouts do?

Queer Scouting is an inclusive scouting organization for people of all gender identities. Here are some activities that Queer Scouts do:

  • Earning badges
  • Learning leadership skills
  • Camping
  • Volunteering in their community
  • Selling items such as cookies
  • Learning and applying skills for healthy bodies and minds
  • Studying nature
  • And so much more!

Are you interested in joining Queer Scouts? Email us at queerscouts1@gmail.com today!


Join Queer Scouts Today!

Have you always wanted to join a scouting troop that was restricted by the gender binary?

Have you yearned to go camping, earn badges, or even sell cookies?

Many children worldwide have been prevented from joining in activities that are fun for any gender because of systems of scouting that are gender-exclusive or do not count them as “real” boys or girls.

Queer Scouts has the answer for you! We want to offer scouting for people of ALL genders and for ALL ages.

Are you interested in joining Queer Scouts? Please email us at queerscouts1@gmail.com today!